I feel like a left behind Zoomer.

It has been just over two weeks since Christmas 2014 arrived. Hard to believe it was only fifteen days ago. We just put the last crate of Christmas decorations in the shed, the tree in the bag, stockings tucked away and the pine needles cleaned up. It is like we hit a switch and the season is over as soon as the last gift is open. All the preparation, excitement and build up to that day now seems long gone. Oh, how I miss it.

This past Christmas my sweet Anna really desired to have Zoomer, a robot, teachable, pet dog, for Christmas. After reading reviews, parents suggestions and debating among ourselves, Zoomer won. On Christmas day, one of her gifts was Zoomer. I must admit that after a few minutes of watching her play and the robot dog react, it was quite entertaining. But with in two days Zoomer laid still, unplugged, not being played with, and tucked under the tree, almost lifeless.

As the day the days went by and Zoomer just lay there, I began to think of how many times we as Christians might feel the same as Zoomer, left alone and forgotten. Almost as if our master has forgotten us or found better things to do, we lie in hopes of a soon return or touch of our master. Yet time seems to go on and there we still sit, alone, forgotten, and lifeless. Loneliness and doubt can hamper ones spirit greatly, but I don’t feel as if that is really the way God intended for us to live. There is so much more to life, His plan has never changed for us.

After days of no playtime, new commands or cuddling Zoomer, I started to hear strange sounds coming from the living room. When I got closer, there was my Anna, the master and her robot dog having a blast. As she spoke to it, it was as if Zoomer had been waiting forever to hear the words of his master. He seemed thrilled to be in the presence of her again and just begin to come to life. Isn’t that what we are waiting for, the call or voice of the master?

They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength, another scripture reminds us that HE has not left us or forsaken us, that HE is closer than a brother. What a thrill and excitement when we feel the masters touch, hear HIM call our name and assure us that everything is all right. I just want dance, shout and delight myself in HIS presence. HE never left us, nor turned HIS back on us. HE was always there. Giving us life, speaking our names, and directing our paths.

Be encouraged today, no matter where you are, HE is there. The master, our savior, my sweet Jesus will never leave us.

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If You’re going to Do It, Do It Right the First Time. A Life Lesson from My Dad.

My oldest son Nate has recently just turned ten. Being the wise and knowledgeable father that I am, I felt it was time to give him a job at the church. I want him to learn at a young age that there is more to ministry then just speaking behind a pulpit. We must first serve. His job is to clean the pulpit that our pastor preaches from each week.

I had the woman who normally cleaned it train him, I made another staff pastor aware of his job and duties to make him accountable. I want him to be consistent, faithful, trustworthy, and build memories from what he is doing and be told to do. While watching him on week, I found myself telling him something I have told him many times before, “Nate, Do it right the first time.” I must have told him time this in the last 3 years a hundred times. I have explained that it saves time to do it right the first, that you only have one chance to do it right. If you’re going to do it, do it right son.

I was really not for sure where I got that principle until tonight while in a text chat with brother and sister. As we begin to share our favorite Christmas stories, family traditions, songs and gifts given and received, I heard the words or maybe I saw the actions of my Dad, If your going to do it, do it right. We did Christmas right. At times we had a lot, at others we didn’t. But we did it right. We kid’s never knew. Why, because he never let us know.

We live life once, for the most part we get one chance to do it right. If we have messed up there is a God that loves us and forgives us and I am thankful for that. I am also thankful for a lesson learned long ago, so however you do it, do it right. So why no do it right the first time.

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